Welcome to the "Sattelplatz"

"Sattelplatz" is the german word for the "Saddle Place", so the place where the saddles for horse riding are stored and mostly the place where you start your horse riding experience. Many horse riding schools have either a saddle place, where the saddles are stored or a room that is used as a storage room for the riding saddles. And the real meaning of the "Sattelplatz" is the place, where you put your horse on the leash and saddle up.

So this is the reason why we called this website "Sattelplatz". Our English content is still to grow. But we're trying to keep the beat for more content about horse riding and horseback riding.

Learn Horse Riding Online

First of all, this is not really possible. You can not learn horseback riding without a horse and without being around a real horse. What we try to do here for you is to show you relevant information about horseback riding and also about the stuff you learn in horseback riding lessons. So you can use this website to repeat for yourself, what you learned at the riding school in your area.

You don't know a riding school?

In this case, we can only refer you to our lists of horseback riding schools. You will find hundreds and thousands of horse riding schools and riding farms in our directory of horseback riding academies, riding schools, and horse riding farms. Please use our directory in your area. Some of the countries and nations we provide horseback riding listings are:

But you will also find many other countries on our horseback riding directory, including small countries like the Bahamas or Iceland for example.

But here on the »Sattelplatz«, we provide not only information about horse riding lessons and what you learn there, but we also provide information about the equipment you will need for horse riding. We're actually talking about the "English Style" in horseback riding here, so we will also add information for the fans of "Western Style" riding, but currently, this is about "English" or "French" style.

Information about Equestrian Sports

We provide information about showjumping, about dressage, and endurance riding. And we also show you things about the equipment like the saddle, the bridle but also your riding boots, the riding gear, your helmet for horse riding and also about the right choice for the right riding-crop or riding-whip. So enjoy your virtual visit on our riding saddle storage place.